Specializing in nature photography web sites, James Giroux Designs offers affordable solutions that will enhance your valuable portfolio. Whether you are looking for a custom or a ready-made site, we deliver clean, efficient designs that are both aesthetically pleasing and easy to maintain.

I am an amateur photographer myself, and when I was ready to show my photos to the world, I first considered PBase, Flickr and Picasa Web. While these formats allow you to organize photos into groups, they do not offer functionality specific to organizing a collection of photos by species and taxonomy. I wanted a site where a user could easily browse through all species, or go directly to any species from an alphabetical or taxonomic list order. I also wanted the user to be able to navigate from species to species within a single page. In other words, not have to jump back and forth between the species selection page and the species display page. My goals were to eliminate the above deficiencies and to add other enhancements like species range maps and customized EXIF data. Take a look at my site here, and see what you think.


Custom Site: Pricing is variable of course depending on the job, but a good rule of thumb is $200 for the first page and $50 for additional pages.

Ready-made Site: If you are interested in a site like mine you can purchase this package for $350. My site has been designed for easy maintenance, and no knowledge of HTML or other web site technologies is required. If you can fill out a simple web page form, you can maintain it.
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